Why Termite Inspection Is Important For Home Buyers

Everyone knows termites cause a huge amount of damage to any property. In case of purchasing or refinancing a property or home it’s really important for the lending companies to have a termite inspection first. Home owners already knows that if the house is infected with termites or any other damage it will cost around quarter of the price of the home for the sellers to treat the house completely from termites before selling. Licenced termite control companies repairs any structural damage of the property in order to prepare it for further investment. Get your home inspected once a year for the presence of termites and other structural damage by inspection companies and reduce the damage risk by half.

What to expect from termite inspectors

Termite inspection team or inspectors would closely visit each and every area of the house like bedrooms, toilets, closets, stores etc and will make a thorough observation. They will provide a certification of the trusted building inspections according to the situation and condition of the house and damage. They will make a list of undergoing problems and will make necessary recommendations and treatments accordingly. 

Why you must need a termite inspection?

Termite infections will cost you thousands of dollars for a single repair as a typical subterranean termite will eat almost 7kg wood alone within a week. The second reason is mostly home owners think that the termite damage will be covered under home insurance but unfortunately that’s not the case. No home insurance covers structural damage or termite infections

Termites are usually cannot be seen with a naked eye or they are just so good at staying out of sight. They are a silent destroyer and you may never get to know that what is been damaging your home until it’s too late. They typically lives underground and makes tunnels across the mud to reach out.

When termite inspection Gold Coast is complete and there are no more signs of the damage or infection in the house, you might need to contact termite Control Company and make sure they pay a visit to your home annually to find out any signs of infection again. The sooner you will find out the problem and the solution the lesser there would be chances of any further damage and you will be able to save a lot of money preventing the cause and repairing it on time.

Contact termite inspection team today if you want to live a peaceful life and don’t want to waste unnecessary money on damage repairs.